Youth Health Associates (YHA) is the largest and most respected clinical services provider in the state of Utah for juveniles with sexual misconduct.





We specialize in providing treatment for juvenile sex offenders, pornography addiction, sexual reactivity, and other anti-social behavior issues.



Our Mission


YHA’s mission is to eradicate sexual abuse.


We seek to accomplish this through providing the very finest therapy and mentoring to youth in need, with our eyes firmly focused on continually improving our methods, our processes, and our care. We create an environment of respect and empowerment, eager to help our youth internalize attributes, skills, knowledge, and behaviors that can help prevent them from re-offending.


In this way, we are not simply treatment providers. We are on a mission to change lives for the better and we truly believe in what we do.




Our Philosophy


We understand that we have a great responsibility and duty, not only to our residents, but also to their families and communities. We are dedicated to providing the very highest level of professional treatment and we believe that this treatment has the potential to affect lives for the positive, both inside and outside of our facilities.


We view each of our residents as a person of infinite worth. We are committed to their welfare and growth. We strive to help them form healthy identities. We work to ensure the safety of others through the prevention of future offenses.


YHA is a clinically driven program motivated by the Restorative Justice Model and the standards of treatment and practices put forth by the Network on Juveniles Offending Sexually (NOJOS). Every decision we make is founded on our guiding principles of integrity, respect, consistently, and safety. We continually base and craft our treatment model on the most up-to-date empirical research in our field and we demand that our processes and treatment are supported by factual data and results.


Our programs offer spacious, home-like settings to assist adolescents through the issues which have caused emotional problems for themselves and their families. Our residents can expect individualized clinical services, competitive recreation, and experiential opportunities with supportive and professional staffing. To help ensure the finest personalized care, no YHA facility exceeds more than 16 beds.




Our Process


First and foremost, YHA is dedicated to providing the very highest level of professional treatment for every individual in our care. This begins with establishing a positive relationship between every client and therapist, which we believe is a critically important foundation for successful therapy.


We know, from both empirical evidence and vast experience, that clients are better able to openly and honestly discuss problems and issues when a therapeutic relationship is built on trust and safety. For this reason, our clients can always expect genuine warmth and empathy as they engage in therapy.


We nurture competency development and accountability with our clients through:



Helping clients overcome denial and accept responsibility for their actions



Helping clients develop a capacity for social awareness and empathic attitudes towards their victims and others they’ve affected.


Healthy Patterns

Educating clients understand their abuse cycle and teaching early intervention and copings


Positive Skills

Increasing positive identity through skill attainment, community integration, relapse prevention, and restitution while providing each youth with accountability, empathy, and an understanding of their dysfunctional behavior patterns and cycles.


In most cases, our goal is the eventual reintegration into society and (where applicable) the reunification of families.


Brian Garlock, LCSW


Bachelors & Masters in Social Work, LCSW


Working with at-risk youth has always been a passion for Brian Garlock and for over 20 years, he’s worked with many types of people in need. As Clinical Director of YHA, Brian overseas the programming of the youth and ensures quality treatment. Brian understands that an important component of rehabilitation is the application of service and hard work and strives to set an example for his entire team with a hands-on approach.


(801) 628-6160




Steve Anderson, MBA

Administrative Director

MBA, University of Utah


Overseeing and managing the business operations of YHA, Steve Anderson believes in facing each challenge head-on while maintaining a positive attitude throughout.  His experience, education, and intelligence is critical to our program, as it allows our organization to effectively do what it was meant to do: help youth. Steve blends his intelligence and business acumen with a talent for natural leadership, keeping our company running seamlessly and our team united and confident.


(801) 815-3443




Monie Riddle, LCSW

Quality Assurance/Therapist

BS, Sociology, Masters in Social Work, University of Utah


Gifted with a natural energy and attention to detail, Monie has proved to be an important part of our team. She joined YHA in 2005 and has been involved at many levels of the company. Monie works with each facility to assure quality services and compliance with contracts, codes and rules. She trains each program on policy, procedures and Crises Behavior Management. She enjoys working with people at different capacities, whether it is a therapy group with the youth or training a Supervisor. Monie loves CrossFit, running and being with family and friends.


“It is gratifying to witness an individual get it and further feel empowered to go after all life has to offer.”


(801) 864-5629





Business Development


John has a passion for helping improve the lives of youth. As well as working as line staff and lead, John has served as a Home Supervisor, a role he greatly cherished. John managed YHA’s Draper Youth Ranch and YHA’s Stepping Stones home and has also helped develop YHA’s Proctor and Independent Living Program headquarters in Provo. He strives to embody YHA’s spirit of a personal, hands-on approach to care and is actively involved in all of the youth sports, activities, and work programs.


(801) 641-4023




FAYE Garlock

VP Employee Relations


With an incredible eye for detail and a natural ability to maintain a high quality of service, Faye oversees many of the ins and outs of the daily business operations, allowing YHA to run smoothing and seamlessly so that our therapists can focus on our clients. Faye has been a great asset to the team and we are extremely fortunate to have her… and we’re not just saying that because she’s Brian and John’s beloved mother. But it helps.


(801) 440-9658




Chalese Wheelwright

Administrative Assistant


Working in the YHA Billing Department, Chalese Wheelwright’s dazzles the entire organization with her thoroughness, competency, and efficiency… al while managing to be someone that everyone enjoys working with. YHA is very fortunate to have


(801) 898-3944





L.C.S.W. Clinical Administrator


Nick earned a Masters degree in Social Work from the University of Utah. He chose the forensic social work domain of study and developed an interest in working with at risk youth. Nick finds great joy in helping vulnerable youth take their pain and turn it into wisdom to assist them in becoming powerful leaders and productive members of society. Nick is passionate about spreading the mission of YHA as a Clinical Administrator.


Favorite Quote:

“That which we persist in doing becomes easier to do, not that the nature of the thing has changed but our capacity to do has increased.”


(801) 508-4756




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